Medical Leadership Diploma

This is taught through contact time with our team of Doctors:

  • Superb clinicians who demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism, outstanding clinical competency and problem-solving skills, and the ability to understand and utilize basic science in the clinical setting.
  • Curious and creative thinkers with the ability to utilize available resources to answer clinical and research questions and to assess informational critically.
  • Lifelong adult learners with the ability to take ownership of their own present and future educational needs.
  • Physicians who continue to be passionate about medicine and about making a difference, who are involved in and appreciate efforts to improve the health of local and global communities, and who see medicine as a profession that seeks to address issues of social justice.
  • Physicians committed to understanding the sociological, psychological and economical issues of the patient, the family and the community.
  • Future leaders eager and able to play leadership roles in their chosen field of medicine.

To achieve this, our program is:

  • Competency-based, through the development and assessment of core competencies and coaching.
  • Provides for integration of basic and clinical science, both horizontally (across disciplines) and vertically (across years) throughout .
  • Provides an early introduction of clinical medicine.
  • Provides an in-depth discovery phase that will enhance creativity, curiosity and the development of leadership skills.