The History of The Competency Diploma for Entering Medical Students

The pre-medical diploma was started almost fifteen years ago here in London, UK. The objective was to establish an outcome based program where a student could apply in order to truly understand the medical profession whilst also achieving skills that increase their applicability, competency, and confidence.

We wanted an organised program in which a student felt no shame, no loss of pride, and no humiliation for the challenges to meet their ambition. We wanted to provide students with the support that they needed. And, in doing so, we wanted to help them find the academic growth, spiritual growth, and personal growth that they would need in order to develop into outstanding physicians of the future. We wanted them to look forward to, rather than to fear, the future.

Dr Sanjay Mody MD MHSA (USA) BSc Hons (UK), was very blessed in his journey through medicine to have met two outstanding physicians who helped him develop his mind, develop a stronger desire to be an excellent physician, and develop a much clearer understanding of the basic medical sciences and how to apply it to endless clinical situations. They helped him understand the “how” and the “why” of medical knowledge. In short, they made him think until thinking became fun, they made him learn until learning became fun, and they made him understand what he had learned, until understanding knowledge became his only goal. Now, with each session we conduct at the Work Experience Program, the aim is to pass on the knowledge, the understanding, and especially the excitement that these two men helped him discover and develop. Being inspired.

We recognise Medicine can be a difficult application and a Medical tutor can really aid with organisation.

As well as spending time under our guided care, the student will also receive Health Tutorials as per the organised program for a diploma. These sessions are a great way to consolidate understanding and organise thoughts which would be useful during ones learning.

We have expanded our services to include helping many students achieve their dreams and ambitions. And their career, as well as their love of medicine, is nurtured through revitalization. Throughout the history of the Work Experience, we have made it clear to all of the staff that we will NOT give up on any student who has asked for our help. This is a strong commitment for us because of the two men who did not give up on Dr Mody during his training.

When this program began, we started out with only two students in the first class. Now, we help each student increase their knowledge, improve their knowledge organization, improve knowledge recall, and improve their test taking skills together with understanding the core competencies necessary to make an application to read Medicine.

Since the start of the Work Experience Program, Dr. Mody has dedicated his life, and the efforts of all of the staff, to the success of medical students and physicians. We have worked with dental students, nursing students, occupational therapy students, physician assistant students, from all over the country and the world.

We know that once you attend our program in London, UK, you will be excited, inspired and you will indeed be empowered. We pledge to do everything we can to make this happen for each student.